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Words Copyright @ 2012 Brian A. Brown

It’s very important to realize that your thoughts should always be in sync with your overall polarity (whether you’re a positive or negative type) as a person, or you will end up drawing the opposite of what you want. This is because your thoughts and desires need to match up with your true feelings and beliefs, and if you’re feeling bad while trying to think positive, the odds of negative events happening to you and busting up your positive frame of mind becomes much higher. Thoughts that are opposite of your nature, will draw opposing things to you, even if they are positive. For example, lets say that you’re a negative person that hears about the law of manifestation for the first time. What the law of manifestation always tells people is that they should try to look at everything positively, and try to maintain and visualize positive thoughts to help draw positive events to them. The problem with this teaching, and the reason why positive thinking fails to do what so many people expect it to do, is because positive thinking can’t connect with people that are not positive.

The person practicising the law of manifestation needs to adjust their thinking to suit the type of person they are at each moment, but they also need to ease in just enough positive thinking that you’re realistically able to believe. Too much positive thinking, when you’re not positive, will draw events that are opposite to what you want, because the “positive” thinking really isn’t you yet. It takes time, patience, and development to change your inner character and subconscious mind to become used to positive, instead of negative thinking. This is not to say that you should stay as pessimistic as possible, if at heart you’re a very negative person; but you should practice positive thinking in moderation, because at heart you’re not the type of person that can connect with positive thinking. The key here is moderation of certain kinds of thought, and the gradual development and shifting of your inner character from one polarity (negative to positive) to another.

This same principle should apply to how you present yourself as well. If you’re not a nice person, you shouldn’t try to act overly nice, or the wrong people will like you for who you’re not, and will expect you to be that way when you’re not really like that. This is not to say that you should be a complete jerk to people, but if you’re not a nice person deep within yourself, acting nice wouldn’t be acting yourself, and so you’ll draw people that are attracted to what you “portray”, not who you truly are. They key is to act with enough kindness and decency so that you won’t completely turn people away from you, but  you should try to be yourself as much as possible at the same time. You’ll find that your true friends will be drawn to the real you, while incompatible people will not. Simply put, being yourself and saying what you feel is the best way of weeding through the people that aren’t compatible with you, because only similar people will like what they see and hear from you.

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