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Copyright @ 2014 Brian Brown


Is it a coincidence that you have certain tastes? Desires? No. You want what you want for a reason. Your inner desires are an indication of the direction you should be going in, and the actions you should take to reach your fullest potential. This is not to say that if you have a twisted desire, that that’s not a result of a mental disorder or emotional problem; but your first core desire that you possessed before wanting anything else, is your true calling. Being yourself is what will put you into alignment with your true desires, which allows you to appear in an attractive way to the right people for you, and will allow you to transmit the right vibrations (via the mind state you possess when following your dreams and being yourself) out to the universe for attracting the things that are good for you.


So follow, that desire or dream of yours, refine and learn more about the things that interest you, and find a way to make money from them. It has to be better than that retail or fast food job that you might have. Right? Just saying…