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Copyright @ 2013 Brian A. Brown


Do we have love? No, most of us don’t, or at least the type or amount of love that we need to have a healthy mindset. We’re often told by others to accept what you can get in a person, and to learn to love someone that you don’t really like too much, but that’s no fun for either party. So what are some ways that you can “truly” find love that smoothly works out for everyone involved? Here are three techniques that you can utilize to help place yourself in the “right place at the right time”, or that will help you align yourself with the vibration of love by lowering stressful ways of thinking. While all three of these methods are different, there is never any one sure-fire way to find the potential love of your life, so it is best to always have diverse approaches in your search.

Rule number one: Love is where the heart is.

You have to discover your passions in life, and then go to places and involve yourself with activities that are related to this passion or interest. Love is a type of passion, and so you must be involved with a passion filled activity to align yourself with the vibration of Love.

Rule number two: Be willing to embrace uncomfortable experiences head on.

Often there are times where you will run into a positive person or situation in the midst of an uncomfortable or awkward situation. It is very possible that you will have to embrace a tough situation that you would normally avoid, or face a personal fear of yours in order to place yourself in a position to be surprised by Love. Sometimes the path to Love is straight-forward for some people, and other times they sort of collide with a potential lover unexpectedly. It is up to you to simulate this experience of putting yourself in a position that you wouldn’t normally be in, so that the Universe can “strike you” with Love.

Rule number three: Don’t think too hard about Life.

The harder you think about how your life should be, the harder it tends to become. This is because stressful or worrisome thoughts add negative energy to your aura, which will gradually shift you out of alignment with the positive vibration of Love. The quote, “Be the change you want to see” holds very true here, as the key is to “be the change you want” rather than to “dwell on the change you want”. Taking the most straightforward way of action towards your momentary, daily, or long-term goals will serve as a way to help focus your mind on what’s important for the moment. While doing this, you won’t be as concerned about other things in your life that you can’t currently control (which can cause stress or worry).