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Breathing In

In order to energize your thoughts, You must act as if you are literally “breathing in” the image of what you want into your body. Act as if the picture of your desire is within the oxygen that you are breathing in, and gradually breathe in the picture more and more intensely with each breath.


As you breathe in the image of what you want, feel the energy of that thought image move through your body. It should tingle, and you should begin to feel a warm sensation coursing through you. You should do this breathing exercise until you’re tingling all over, and you’re nearly light headed from the intensity of your breathing. After doing this for at least 3 minutes, your final breath should be an evenly paced, powerful exhale from either your mouth or your nostrils.

breathing energy

As you exhale, imagine the image being pushed out from your body and into the world. Let the tingling pulsations of the energy that built up during the breathing visualization release and flow from you in a smooth and steady manner as you exhale. This exercise speeds up the flow of energy from your mind to the universal source, and allows for faster results in connecting with like energy in the world. The key is concentration.


When it comes to energizing words, think of a corresponding image that goes along with what you’re saying. Like if you’re thinking of filming a movie, imagine yourself holding the camera or talking to actors while simultaneously speaking it. Visualize the image that corresponds with your words as you speak them, and then act on what you’re speaking. The combined energy of your visualization, words, and actions coming together will help make your words materialize in physical form the fastest.