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Copyright @ 2013 Brian A. Brown

What did you just say???

Holding your true thoughts back from expression, no matter how crazy or misunderstood they may seem, only serves to trap you in the world of the ordinary and the bland. You have no right to feel ordinary, so it’s mandatory that you take control of your ability to be substandard, and use it to not be substandard! If it is within you to be average, then you can block it at will. Express yourself in the most socially unacceptable ways possible in order to get the reactions you need from others to truly feel alive, and be “crazy”.


By definition, crazy is a synonym of “mad”, and the definition of mad that applies to this is: “incapable of being explained or accounted for”. True greatness lies in demonstrating a character or creating work that is unexplainable to the average person. They shouldn’t be able to give surface level reasons as to why you are the way you are, why you may have created something, and it should rattle their thought process. You must be unexplainable.

If you draw out the negativity of others by the expression of your true thoughts, then that is what is necessary to either change your viewpoint (which may be wrong, depending on what it is), or to make you stronger in holding your unique thought process in spite of pressure to conform from the outer world. Nobody that existed that has shaken this world was a conformist, and that didn’t have a colossal struggle or intense emotions churning inside of him or her to express. If you build it, they will come. If you show it, you’ll build yourself and your identity.