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Do you feel that you are only able to experience “just so much” in life, no matter where you go and what you do? It’s almost as if you are encased within an invisible “shell” that’s blocking you from fulfilling your deepest potential, or withholding you from experiencing life to the extent you want. What about always running into the same types of people that you don’t care for, everywhere you go? Have you ever felt that your perception of the world around you is being limited in some way that you can’t understand? How about feeling a sense of restriction over your life, where nothing that you want to happen seems to go right? If you feel like this, then you may be in the incubation or development phase of your life.


During the incubation phase of an egg, the organism within is not yet “born” so to speak, and is developing into a full-fledged “organism”. Your perceived life and limited variance of life experience within this shell could be the beginning part of your life that is meant to form you into a certain “organism” (or type of person that you are meant to be). Until you have fully developed inside of your protective “eggshell”, you won’t “hatch” or be fully exposed and connected to the world around you. This hatching can occur at any stage of your life, but it all depends on whether or not you’re able to form into what you’re meant to be inside this restrictive life that you’re living now.


For example, if you’re exposed too quickly, you possibly run the risk of not being mature or prepared enough to handle a life-altering opportunity, or maybe you’re supposed to develop a unique way of thinking or group of ideas that you wouldn’t be able to develop if it weren’t for that restrictive isolation. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the mysteries of life, and I am only giving you a few possible yet plausible scenarios for why your life might currently be like mine.


Using myself as an example, at 25 years old, my life still hasn’t gotten off of the ground. I’ve never been in a relationship, haven’t fully gotten settled into an established career, have had no friends (that I felt comfortable around without being drunk), and I’m not as independent as I could be if I had the chance to learn things on my own. I’m a “late-bloomer” in the sense that I’ve always ran into obstacles that hindered me from being able to meet the right people in order to establish any type of relationship, and I have never had the right amount of experience or resources to do what I wanted to do. As hard as I have tried to make simple things work (ex: such as planning my own party), I always felt disconnected from the world around me and have had extraordinary trouble even finding the people interested in going. It was almost as if the world was working against what I wanted. If I thought about something that I wanted (not necessarily that I needed), obstacles and random problems would come out of nowhere that would either help discourage me, or make it consistently harder to accomplish anything the longer I tried. I could never find the coveted “inspiration” within myself that so many successful people claim to have gotten on their road to their dreams. Although earlier in my series, I explain how you can find your own inspiration and establish a connection to the world around you.


What I have come to realize, is that I have been encased within an invisible shell while I develop enough emotionally, until I become mature enough to handle the experiences and people that I will eventually bring into my life in order to fulfill my destiny. This could be what you are experiencing as well, and if so, the only way to overcome these restrictions are to wait them out and do as much as you can to advance your goals within your limited reach of life experiences. We can never truly know why we’re currently restricted the way we are, and what future roles or endeavors we might be in the process of being prepared for, but we have the greatest chance of beating it by not giving up and working hard in spite of your surroundings.

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