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It’s also true that someone’s idea of success and happiness can be different from what they truly want deep inside them. They could unknowingly be living out a parent’s, authority figure’s, or even society’s pop culture programming. This could cause them to want to be  involved in the wrong areas or occupations for them, or to be involved with a lifestyle that doesn’t suit them. Growing up and feeling pressured to act or be something that they don’t want to be, is a problem that many people face. These parents usually mean well when they try to drill “being a doctor or lawyer” into your head, but this only distracts you from your path to discovering your highest level of fulfillment/happiness. This is why it’s so important for these people to try to remember times in their lives where they were truly inspired, empowered, or happy about something. **Then they need to figure out what they imagined themselves doing or being during these happy or passionate moments, and pursue that as a career or even a hobby.** This will put you on the right path to accessing the Universe’s energy.

Now let’s say that someone finally reaches the point of being able to access the Universe’s energy via their subconscious mind. They’ve put in the needed effort and work necessary to get themselves “into the matrix” to channel the source, giving them the power to co-create with their thoughts and emotions. Many wonder exactly how far they need to go to become a success. The answer is simple. When you’ve reached a point of happiness and fulfillment, you’ve reached success. The prospect of money and fame as the indicator of success is pushed upon the masses by the media. But this is simply a tactic to keep people away from discovering their true path of happiness. If you truly feel impelled to continuously work until you reach a point of fame or riches, then that is your life path. But if you’re already happy and fulfilled at a certain point, and you’re not rich or famous, then you really don’t want to be famous or rich as much as you thought you did. It’s also not the path to your highest potential and fulfillment.

In the case of a person that simply wants a normal life with a decent amount of financial and familial comfort, they will receive the level of support, energy, and charisma that they need to fulfill this. You can think of it as a loan of energy in proportion to what you’re trying to “buy” or access. Since this person’s goal is to simply have a good family and live a normal decent life, he or she won’t need the charisma of a superstar or millions of dollars to accomplish that. However, you will be able to draw or find a compatible partner, highly fulfilling job, positive associates, and the ability to find the right geographical location to fulfill what you want. When you achieve happiness and peace, you know that you’re in the right place. That is true success.

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But what are some specific ways to get yourself into a successful frame of mind? How do you go about calming a restless and scattered frame of thought? What exactly is fate and destiny, and how is it impacted by your choices? Does it influence how much you can achieve through your hard work, or not?

 To be continued: