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Copyrighted Material @ 2012 Brian A. Brown

Here is the key to becoming a “Tall” being, that’s capable of reaping the benefits of the Universe’s energy. It is the unrelenting hard work, promotion, and projection of yourself into the outer world, based upon your life’s purpose and direction (which you can determine by what you enjoy, what fulfills you, what makes you happy, or what your talents are); AND without the use of the “law of attraction,” Source energy, or any supernatural force. This is because not everyone is given access to their own full potential of mental and spiritual power until they reach a certain level of progress towards their dreams (or a position in the world that’s at least close to where you wish to be); and that is ONLY attained through the work that your body puts in with the physical world. It’s unknown as to exactly how much effort is needed to open yourself up to the universe’s energy because each person has his or her own level of success and happiness that would satisfy them. At the core level, happiness IS “fulfillment”, and the full development of your biological potential as a human being, whether it’s negative or positive. Coupled with their past life karma (which influences how much connection to the Source they start out with), each person also has their own individual life path that they can determine for themselves.

Controlling your own destiny

It’s not a matter of destiny influencing your life (meaning the conventional definition of destiny); it’s whether or not you’re willing to take an active role in influencing and taking action in the world around you. This means taking action towards your dreams even without the help of the subconscious mind’s co-creative power. If you take no action, you’re allowing your life to be led by chance, which gives people the illusion, that “fate” or “destiny” is keeping them from what they want. Once the Universe is aware of your arrival at this stage of successful hard work, then and only then will the energy and mental connectivity to the “Source” that is stated in the law of attraction be available to you. The only way to truly find out what you need to do to gain the universe’s awareness is by taking action yourself, and pushing forward toward your goals no matter what.

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But what if you want to change your life, but don’t really enjoy anything in particular, or you suffer from depression or apathy? What can negative feelings tell you about what you need to be doing? Most Importantly, what if you can’t get inspired to act?

To Be Continued: