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Hard work for the sake of surviving will not push you forward. For example, being too lazy to go after what truly inspires you or what you want to do in life, in place of settling for a fast food job that you “work really hard at” for minimum wage, will not bring you any closer to where you want to be. Of course this sounds like common sense, and it Is, but in order to put yourself in the position to start receiving the Universe’s Source Energy, you must be working towards your greatest good. Your greatest good is your “life purpose” that you discover through pinpointing the source of any inspirational moments that you feel in your life, and then working towards it (Refer to Part three of this series for more Information). Working hard towards a job or occupation that you pick, simply because it would be easier than following your dreams, will only allow you to survive and not to “live” life. It’s called struggling, and not striving, which is what you should be doing. Many times, the road that is the hardest to travel is the right road to take to get to happiness. You can take the easy route to a harder existence, or the harder route to a happier and eventually easier road in life, and it must be work relevant to your dreams.

For a majority of the world, hard work and using your willpower to do what you must to follow your dreams, is the right option to take if you want to reach a level where you can co-create and actually use the source energy available to the worthy people of this world. As stated previously, the “worthy” people are determined by how far they have pushed themselves towards the projection of their idea of success and happiness into the world. To clarify further, these are dreams and goals that make them happy, and that fulfill the talents that they have. To find your talents, ask yourself this question. “What’s easier for me, but harder for others to do”? When you discover your talents, that’s the first step in beginning your path to the direction of your success and happiness. The work itself in this process isn’t usually easy, but it always starts with honing and strengthening the skills or abilities that you have a knack for.

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But what if someone’s idea of success isn’t really their own, but ingrained in them from society, authority figures, or from their parents? How would they find their own path to happiness chasing someone else’s wishes for their life? What about the people who want to be happy, but only want a simple life, and don’t have “big” dreams”? Does a person need to find “exactly” what they want in order to be happy?

 To be Continued: