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 Copyrighted Material @ 2012 Brian A. Brown

     As a younger man that’s encountered a variety of economic and social hardships that have severely stunted my personal and career growth, I have come across a startling revelation about why many of us struggle to find the happiness and success we desire in life. I’ve pondered for over 8 years, walking miles and miles in my neighborhood; contemplating what life and the universe has to offer, and why it seems like the good things in life are out of reach for so many of us. During my contemplation, I’ve heard accounts of the concept of using the power of your subconscious mind and emotions to manifest positive events and people into your life. This concept, called the “Law of Attraction or Law of Manifestation”, claims that anyone can just visualize something that they want, and then energize those thoughts with strong emotion to manifest them into reality. However, this is a big misconception, and due to my own experiences with trying the law of attraction for years, and seeing the overwhelming amount of failure by many people who’ve tried doing this, there’s much more to accessing this potential power then many spiritual teachers realize; as opposed to the popular notion that anyone can create anything they want in their life just by thought and emotion alone. I’m going to share a story with you to illustrate my findings, and then go into the essentials of how to truly manifest happiness and success into your life. If you’re completely unfamiliar with the law of attraction and manifestation, please read the words of Abraham Hicks or Rhonda Byrne for a detailed introduction.

     Imagine the Universe as a Sentient being with the power to grant a human the energy, charisma, and power they need to manifest what it is they wish to do in the world. Let’s also imagine that earth is a tiny world that’s in the hands of the universe.  Thirdly, let’s say that each prominent, successful, famous, or simply very happy person is a “Tall” or giant human being among billions of tiny, microscopic people. If the universe were a being that’s scanning the earth for people, in order to grant them the access to link their subconscious minds to It’s universal energy source (Nicknamed “The Source”), those “Tall Beings” that stand out on the earth are the ones that are being seen by the universe (This Gigantic Sentient being). In order to see the microscopic human beings, the universe would need to have a powerful magnifying glass to see these little people that haven’t pushed themselves upward using their own will laced with hard work yet. They are then simply un-discovered by the universe due to being too small to see, and are thus not rewarded with the power of co-creation.

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But how do you become one of those “Tall Beings” that can be seen by the Universe?

To be continued: