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Let’s say that you discovered what your talents are, but you really don’t want to develop or use them toward your career, because you don’t enjoy it (for whatever reason).  If you don’t like to do what’s easy for you, OR you want to pursue things that you’re bad at, this is what you’d have to do. You have to make a conscious choice to either improve at the things you don’t do well, or learn to deal with doing things that you don’t like, until you reach a point where you’re able to partake in the activities or job that you really want. As simple and logical as this sounds, it’s crucial to the development of your life once you really UNDERSTAND this.

When you’re truly aware of the fact that you can’t expect amazing things or opportunities to happen, without finding them or making them happen (for the average person), then your mindset becomes more focused on what you “can” do NOW, and not what you “want” to happen by way of luck or a miracle. Then you take the necessary action to accumulate the money, knowledge, and connections you’d need to pursue the life that you want. This includes taking out loans for any education that you’d need to pursue your goal, finding work to supplement your income until you find an opportunity with your desired occupation, and going out into the world to make connections with people who have similar interests (networking). Of course this is common knowledge, but as a starting point for your eventual connection to the Universe’s Source energy, it’s necessary to describe the arduous process behind the projection of your journey to realizing your dreams. This journey is your key to realizing your destiny, shaping your fate, and what must be accomplished in order for the Universe to “see you” and grant you the connection to the source. If you’d like to see some information on what it means for the Universe to “see you”, go to Part 1 and 2 of this blog.

Everyone starts somewhere, and in order to begin your journey to realizing your full co-creative and internal potential, sometimes you have to begin working or developing yourself at a place that you don’t want to be at. For example, if you want to get your foot in the door of the movie industry, you’d probably have to look for entry-level production assistant positions; where your main duties are most likely things that have nothing to do with actual filming or producing… This could include being a water boy/girl, picking up food, carrying equipment, or anything else that the producer, director, or crew wants. Of course this may not be what you “want” at the present moment, but it’s your doorway to rising the ladder and possibly attaining a higher position in that industry. Apply this to anything that you’re pursuing, but you can look forward to an eventual or strengthened connection with the universe once you put in enough effort toward your dreams. The key is to just KEEP AT IT no matter what. As everyone’s journey to his or her dreams is different (because everyone’s destiny is unique), you have no idea how long you have to work, or far you have to go until you discover it through your own persistent effort.

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So what are some examples of everyday people using their co-creative powers to enhance their quality of life? How would the regular person’s use of the law of manifestation, compare to a famous person’s use of it? How are they different, and how are they similar? How do difficult people in your life affect your destiny?

To be Continued: