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Almost everyone has seen or known somebody that they would consider “lucky” or “blessed” in some way, shape or form. This is no accident. On differing levels, some people are born and start out with a slightly stronger connection to the universe’s source energy, as well as an increased ability to use their minds and subconscious powers to help push themselves forward and shape their lives to how they want it to be (this is due to their Family and Past Life Karma, which determines how much connection to the Universal Source someone begins with).

Imagine comparing the manifesting power of rapper/music mogul Diddy, to the lucky kid down the street that happens to have a lot of friends and has lots of fun in your eyes. The lucky kid is exercising his much smaller amount of co-creative power to manifest the right type of magnetism to make friends and find fun situations on a smaller scale, as opposed to Diddy, who has his mental energies and thoughts aligned to a stronger vibration that grants him the ability to accumulate riches, and have influence and charisma. Diddy utilizes this energy in order for his life to work like clockwork, keep attaining millions of dollars, and consistently generate the charisma of a Hip Hop and business Icon. Both are exercising the powers of the law of attraction, but to much different degrees. This “lucky” kid cannot use the law of attraction to the extent of Diddy without paying his dues in life. On a basic level, this is because it usually takes “work” and “effort” to make millions of dollars, but also a certain level of energetic control to give everything associated with him an “extra something” or “special energy” that makes him stand out. Some people would call this the “X-Factor” or a special quality that gives someone or something added value. The kid’s inevitable need to work on his journey to happiness also holds true for the rest of us, but he or she just happened to have more access to the Source energy of the Universe than the average kid. But what If I told you that “you” could become the same type of person that people perceive as “lucky” or “blessed” too? Once you’ve accomplished the necessary level of work towards your dreams to begin realizing your connection to the source (Refer to Part 2 and 7 for more information), you will begin to show signs of increased “luck” and experience positive events that seem to direct you to your goals even more.

To continue the story: If this kid that you perceive as lucky for having a lot of friends, attracting lots of people, and having a lot of fun were to use what access he or she has to the Universe’s source energy, to work towards achieving any possible dreams or aspirations he has, they would have a higher than normal chance of success (as is perceived as success by them). They could do this through using their friends’ support to make them feel confident in the process of achieving his goals, or even through using their “charm” towards making potential bosses or hiring managers like them and give them a job/promotion. This is just an example of what a person could do with a smaller or adequate amount of access to the source energy of creation. The average person with little to no access to the energy of manifestation (such is the majority of the world), would have to work very hard and push themselves to be in the right places at the right times, meet the right people, make their own opportunities, and promote themselves, BUT all through their own effort. Just visualizing and feeling very strongly about something you want to happen won’t work at their present moment, because of their lack of connection to the source and ability to manifest. But that can come when they push themselves to a higher level according to their dreams and desires (Read Part 2 and Part 4 for more information on what type of work is necessary for the average person to develop a connection to the Universe).

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So what exactly are Past Lives? What is Karma and how would your personal and even your Family’s Karma influence your life? “Why” would it affect your life? How do difficult people in your life influence how you fulfill your destiny? And how exactly do you find out how your past lives affect your life’s situations, and what should you do to overcome “restrictive” Karma that blocks your subconscious mind from connecting to the Source?

 To Be Continued: