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We all know that there are many people in the world that can’t seem to find anything that they really like to do, even though they feel a vague urge inside to do something “extra” or be somewhere that they’re not. Many want to get themselves out of a situation or place that they don’t want to be in, but they don’t know what to do, and they feel like any effort that’s needed to get them out isn’t worth it. They lack the motivation and drive to really push themselves towards their goals, and the obstacles or lack of support that surround them only help to confirm their negative beliefs about things not being “meant to be” or “God’s will”. It’s important to realize, these obstacles only serve as tests that you must overcome in order to reach a level where the vibrations of inspiration and happiness can reach you. That urge you feel to do something, but not quite knowing what to do, is telling you that there are actions you can take that could lead you to feeling happier. This can all be quite difficult for a depressed or apathetic person to do and realize of course, because at nearly every moment, they’re faced with feeling hopeless, un-motivated, or sad. These feelings make the act of getting up and working hard feel useless to them, which it is not (It’s ESSENTIAL). Below is the answer to this dilemma.

There are times when a person of a lower connectivity to the source, gets flashes of inspiration that last quite briefly. Everyone experienced this at some point and time in their lives, and it’s simply a moment when you got excited, empowered or “inspired” to want to do or be something. It is important during those moments to pinpoint what that inspiration made you think about, and what you imagined doing or being. What did you want to do during or right after feeling this way? If it’s a certain person or people that came to mind during this moment of inspiration, then ask yourself, what do they do that excites you. How exactly did they reach their own situation, which caused you to be inspired by them? Through figuring out the desires brought about from these positive flashes of emotion, you’ve now discovered your path to happiness. The catch is, it may not always be easy to reach at your current position.

Depression and apathy blur the ability to remember and acknowledge these spurts of passion, which makes it harder to keep pushing forward to that remembered inspirational moment. When the feeling fades over time due to that person’s lack of connectivity to the source energy, the person must then continue working towards the cause of that inspiration until he is successful enough to break any inhibiting karma; pushing himself forward enough to receive that elusive inspiration that many LOA teachers speak of. Action that is NOT inspired will be necessary in order to place yourself in the position to be receptive to the universe’s energies, and thus get that INSPIRED ACTION feeling that many law of attraction teachers speak of. Inspiration is the indicator that your subconscious mind is connected to the Source (The Universe’s energy). In addition, feelings of being uncomfortable, lethargic, or unsure are the Universe’s way of telling you that there are actions you can be taking to move you closer to your destiny. If you’re feeling unsure of what to do or uneasy, it’s your cue to take action towards your dreams; and never remain still unless it is too rest. if you’re not resting, you should be acting towards your cause.

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But what about the people who work extremely hard, but aren’t getting any closer to their happiness? Are they doing anything wrong? What if someone’s idea of success isn’t truly what they want or need to fulfill them at the highest level? Finally, what is a concrete and practical way of putting yourself on the right path to opening yourself up to the Universe’s energy?

To be Continued: