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Words Copyright @ 2012 Brian A. Brown

The speech and Visualization Exercise discussed in Part 13 is highly effective when your connection with the universe has been reached through the elevation of your circumstances by your physical effort, but it can be even more effective with another person listening.

When speaking to another person while visualizing what you want, your words are being processed in their mind as well as yours, and will eventually make it’s way into their own subconscious; which makes the speech and it’s meaning even stronger. The more people that are thinking or processing the same thought, the more energy that goes into the desired thought, which will make the probability of the manifestation happening higher. It doesn’t matter whether or not they agree with you for this to work, because they have to think about what you’re saying in order for them to accept or reject your thoughts. This causes them to process your words and give it their attention, lending their intention to the “energizing” and “transportation” of your thoughts to the Universal Source (or God). As discussed in the previous chapter of this series, your emotions are the fuel that powers the vehicle (subconscious mind) that can bring your thought to the Source. With another person’s attention, it only adds more fuel (emotion), and another vehicle (another mind) to the manifestation of a person’s desires (the thoughts or “the goods” that need deliverance to the Source), no matter if it’s good or bad. Any additional attention toward the same idea lends mental energy to the thought form, regardless of how the people involved feel about it.

A real life example of this would be having another driver with another car to help you transport goods to a desired location. Two or more vehicles can handle more of a “load”, and therefore finish delivering the product to a location quicker than just one car. Applying this scenario to our visualization and speech technique, would explain its effectiveness when applied.

Although, this exercise can actually get even STRONGER when the person agrees and does in fact want what you want; it can be done either way because energy flows where attention goes. There’s even a verse in the bible that states: “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.” Taken from Matthew 18:19, this shows that the agreement and mutual intention of two individuals to make something happen will make the process much stronger (but not 100% guaranteed to happen – common sense).

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But if you’re an overall negative person, would thinking positive actually draw bad things to you instead of good? Would trying to maintain thoughts that are not in sync with your true character, only draw the opposite of what you want to you? If so, why?

To be Continued: