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Before I begin, this article is not about President Obama’s politics. This is about the hidden negative psychological and spiritual effects that I believe he’s had on the people of America, and possibly the world.


Ever since Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2009, it seems to me that the entire nation’s life force has been slowly but subtly drained. People of all ages are only getting more tired as life goes on, and are starting to leave their moral code behind. They’re also exhibiting considerably less passion to do anything, and it appears that people have a lot less self-control than they used to. Now of course I’m not blaming all of this on Barack Obama, because there are many obvious factors that influence people’s conditions negatively. But when you look around and see the astounding amount of people who have gradually lost their zest for life and survival over the past four years, you start to become a tad suspicious as to why? You might become increasingly suspicious when these people become even more “drained” and worn out after listening to an Obama speech. Especially when the president was supposedly someone who would inspire people to have a better life, and would also help improve the lives of the citizens in many respects. Even during the Bush Administration, people were literally more alive, aware, and motivated to pursue the lives that they wanted, but not since Obama got into office. Watching him speak may make them smile on the outside, but what are they truly feeling on the inside?


Brainwashed by the false hope of Barack Obama’s promises about a vague “change” that none of his supporters actually understand, many people gave up working hard and aspiring for a better life; because they truly believed that Obama would do everything for them. It’s almost as if they thought that their problems would magically go away, just because a bi-racial man was placed into the president’s position. This way of thinking of course infects African-Americans the most, but people of all groups have this sick mentality that Obama can do no wrong no matter what he does.


You would think that being under the watchful eye and “rulership” of a so-called “benevolent” politician that only wants to improve the economy and make the U.S. a great place, would actually empower people to get up and make a way for themselves (especially minorities). But how many people have you seen that were “genuinely” empowered by anything Barack Obama has done? I can’t think of one person. People have only gotten lazier as a result of his perceived perfection and pie in the sky idealism, with no solid actions or steps to back any of it up. What makes it even worse is that he’s never directly told people to get up and work for what they want, and he’s definitely never told the country not to rely on him to get themselves through their day-to-day problems. But he should, because he knows that people perceive him as more than what he really is.


The way that hoards of people blindly chant, “yes we can”, and “fired up” at Obama’s rallies without knowing why they support him is very unsettling to me. It’s almost as if it’s a mass cult, and Barack is using the people’s blind joy and adoration to absorb their life force without them even knowing it. Once you give something or someone your ultimate attention and affection, they can become the focal point of an energy transfer between you and the beloved object. Could Barack Obama be acting as a psychic vampire and stealing people’s life energy from unaware people? This may sound ridiculous to you, but when you realize that the truth is often stranger than fiction, ideas such as this become much more graspable.


I’ll admit that I voted for him at first, but I never fully trusted him. I always got a sense of “dullness” inside of me, that I always felt whenever I saw a person that was hiding something, or that had some sort of twisted thought process that I picked up on. The greatest liars are said to be the most charming and likable people who you can meet, and it’s no wonder that Barack is said to be one of the most likable people who many have met. Add that to the fact that Obama hasn’t done any of what he said he was going to do as far as ending the war in the middle east, and helping to improve the economic and social conditions of the country.


Only time will tell if President Obama will end up helping this country, or if he’ll ultimately help destroy it along with the spirits of its citizens. Just don’t be angry if he pulls a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn on everything he’s said he was going to do during his second term. You wanted change, but you never specified what kind of change.