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Words Copyright @ 2012 Brian A. Brown

Holding yourself back

If you feel on the inside that you’re holding yourself back while speaking to someone or completing a task, then you are in fact holding back the vital energy that’s meant to empower the action or speech to manifest or attract. Whether from a sense of restricting the ease at which the words leave you, the feeling behind the words you intend to say, or the actions you intend to do, this only serves to restrict the flow of energy that could possibly be released from that action, speech, or even thought. As it comes to you, let it flow. This energy is your personality, and through expressing your full energy and level of comfort into your words and actions, you are also expressing yourself to the fullest. Say what you feel, and act fluidly.


If you intend to attract compatible people or help manifest with your words, you need to get yourself to feel a sense of freedom and comfort while you speak, and imagine as if you’re speaking to a best friend that will completely understand and agree with you no matter what is said: a best friend that you feel comfortable around as well.

believe in yourself

This is more effective than imagining that nobody is there or that nobody is watching you (according to popular belief), because when you have the added thought of somebody being there and actually agreeing with and supporting you, you naturally let the words come out with an ease and vigor that is missing when you’re simply saying or doing something alone. You also fully project your feelings into your words or actions because you’re positively perceiving that this person is agreeing and backing you up (which naturally makes you say things with ease and confidence), and in doing so, makes them all the more effective in manifestation and in attracting what you want towards you.


This also applies to visualization or thought manifestation as well. You need to be completely open while you’re visualizing an intended outcome, with no opposing or unsure thoughts about what you want. This insures that the strongest thought forms are able to leave your mind unfettered by opposing thought energy, and reach the universal source. You will feel your thoughts come through freely and clearly if you’re doing it right. You will usually feel some slight tension in your chest if you keep yourself from freely exploring and visualizing thoughts that need to be made manifest. You determine what thoughts need to be brought into reality by how strongly you feel about them. The stronger you feel about it, the more it needs to be somehow expressed or made physical.

I’ve personally noticed something peculiar when I’m speaking to family members, strangers, or even people that I know in day-to-day conversation. Although I try my best to be honest about what I’m thinking, I sometimes hold back on the complete projection of the words. Even though I managed to get the words out, the way I restricted the ease in which I said it to avoid coming on too strong or offending them, simultaneously made me uncomfortable and hindered the strength of the words. I notice that I get a feeling within my chest like I’m carrying some sort of energetic tension, as if I’m holding on to a ball of static electricity; and it tingles uncomfortably. This is energy that needs to be released, but is being restricted. In any case, if you feel any sense of restriction or “holding back your feelings” while speaking, it only restricts the words’ energy and potential for creation; regardless of what is said. Just to be clear, this is not about speaking softly or loudly, as you can still feel the force of someone’s words without them yelling. This is about not restricting the force of your feelings while speaking. As they say, you can speak softly, but carry a big stick, whereas the big stick is the emotion behind the words; regardless of your tone of voice.

Words and Thoughts can build your future

If you notice, the most effective manifesters and the most charismatic people do not hold back their feelings when they have something to say, or when they want to do something. They do it or say it with zeal and confidence, as if they are being supported by a best friend, whether they are alone or not. You will not find a charismatic person that ever tries to ease up how they speak in fear of offending someone or stirring up unrest. They will say it, and say it like they have an audience of supporters behind them because they know that this method has power.


You can do it too in this New Year. Words are meant to be expressed, not just implied or said without life, and life is meant to be lived fully, not just minimally. Do not censor yourself for anyone.