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A vast majority of us are not supposed to know who will be the successful ones, or in other words, find exactly what they’ve wanted during the journey toward fulfilling their destiny. You may not completely fulfill your destiny in this lifetime, which will cause your spirit to want to come back in another body, and for another try (thus reincarnation). This is what makes life a journey, a gift, and a mystery. If you knew exactly what would happen for you in the future, there would be no reason to try to live. The reason we live is to see what will happen the next day, and to find our path to fulfillment. Your path to fulfilling your own life is your destiny. How your destiny will affect other people, is a part of your future that you must find out yourself through taking action toward your destiny. That’s why it’s crucial to find yourself at all costs; and once you’ve found yourself, be yourself. This is because your destiny will reflect your deepest identity, which is who you are at your core level. Your path to your greatest fulfillment on earth, will always lead you to be yourself and to express your true individuality; thus finding yourself. Even after considering all of this, the end result of your life could be anyone’s guess; no matter how confident you are in your actions or life path! This is what life is all about.

Now taking this knowledge of needing an emotional connection with your goals (go to Part 11 for a quick review on why you need this), you can then try to determine what you can “do” that is related to this stirring topic or action; that you could either turn into a job, activity, or hobby. For example, if animals stir up the strongest positive feelings in you, you could possibly try to find a job, or training for a job that has to do with taking care of animals. This could be a veterinarian, pet shop worker, dog breeder, animal groomer, etc. But the key is to find some sort of work or take actions that are related to the cause or goal that stirs up the strongest feelings inside of you. If you’re having trouble having any feelings at all, please refer to Part 3 of this series on how to overcome depression and apathy. When you are able to hone in on the goals or activities that are related to your strongest aspirations, or that cause the most feeling within you, you are then taking the right actions toward not only finding yourself, but also naturally beginning to generate charisma.

When you emotionally connect to a cause, your work, or talents, you naturally start to generate the highest level of electro-magnetic energy (charisma) that’s optimal for your happiness (Part 11). It won’t be any more or less, and this is because your aura naturally restricts itself when you aren’t following the correct path to your fulfillment. It begins to open up when you emotionally connect with the goals that stir up the most positive feelings within you, and when you start physically working towards those goals. The mystery of how much charisma you’ll ever be able to generate, is tied in with finding your destiny and taking action to realize it. Some people are born knowing their purpose deep within them, and thus from an early age, generate a certain charismatic energy that separates them from their peers (child stars?). For others, it can take any amount of time to figure out, and until then, we function at our lowest level. At our lowest level, we function at a purely survival level, without happiness and content. You tap into your higher self when you discover your unique destiny.

The level of life force (charisma, or your aura strength composed of electro-magnetic energy) that you generate is in proportion to the level of connection that you have to your life purpose. As seen in part 6, your life purpose and destiny is your journey to realizing the goals and objectives in your life, which will give you your greatest happiness/fulfillment. When you begin your journey by emotionally connecting with these stirring dreams of yours, and taking the necessary action toward making them happen; you connect to your deepest self, and thus generate the charisma needed to find happiness and begin your path to these aspirations (not necessarily the specific dream itself). Your destiny is your journey, and your fate is the end result of your journey. Do you see how it’s all connected? Life on earth is the circular expression of all of our destinies and inevitable fate, which will eventually affect us all.

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