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Have you ever noticed that in certain places, you feel more “free” and comfortable overall; while in other places you feel a sense of restriction and entrapment? It’s almost as if it’s a struggle to just be yourself in these surroundings, and significant effort is needed for you to try to open up and feel comfortable with the people around you. While living or being in different parts of the world or country, have you ever felt that clearer and more potent thoughts come to you quicker or more frequently than usual? When you’re somewhere that you feel good at, are you able to accomplish more physically when engaged in physical activity? Here’s another question for you. When living or being in a certain area, is it harder for you or the people around you to grasp ideas or solve problems that really aren’t complicated? Is thinking coherently and logically seemingly more of a challenge for the people of that area than it should be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is evidence of your aura either being in harmony or disharmony with the environment that you’re located. Your aura is the electro-magnetic energy field that your body generates, that regularly interacts with different places and people who you come in contact with. Places have energy of their own too, just like individual people each have unique auras and essences that emanate from them. The same way that some people aren’t compatible with you because of a lack of harmonic similarities, the vibration (or energy emanating) from certain locations aren’t compatible with your aura either. This explains why certain people can make you feel angry, happy, or uncomfortable just by looking at them, even if they’ve done nothing; or certain places just don’t feel “right” to you. Your thoughts, emotions, and desires all help color your aura and give you a specific energy that makes you who you are. * For more information on the meaning of specific colors in your aura, and how to see it yourself, refer to this link. * These places are not conductive of optimal creative and positive life energy flow, and actually inhibit your life force; causing you to function at a much lower physical and mental level than what you’re capable of.

Map of Michigan

A big example of this is most of the state of Michigan, and the city of Detroit. Nowadays, we rarely have any truly great and unique artists or creativity originate here, and when something great does come from here, it almost always appears suppressed, forced, and not 100 percent of what it could potentially be. That’s why a good deal of negative people find greater success within certain geographic locations, and not as many positive people who care about others in general (I’ll expound on why I think all of this In part II). Though they have a negative and unjust thought process, their negative energy gets support from the negative energy of a place like Michigan, giving them an extra push toward the realization of their dreams. They feel empowered in negativity; where a citizen who simply wants to live a normal life (i.e., people who have no motivation for deceiving or leaching off of the public, for the most part), feel weakened when battling this negative and evil energy. This is because they don’t share these people’s corrupt mind states, and their energy doesn’t match up with the negativity of their own environment! This could explain why the attempt to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder failed in 2011, even though thousands of people across the state signed the petition. All of their collective effort and concentration for a good cause was weakened due to the negative atmosphere of Michigan as a whole, while Snyder and his group were & are empowered by the same surroundings. Had this been a geographic location with less negative energy, they might have found the extra force necessary to push this man out of office. But this is just me thinking out loud.

Places such as New York City and Los Angeles, California are cities where a great number of people are not only chasing their dreams for success and education, but are also living out their dreams. They’re also in an environment much more supportive of success in general than the rest of the country. When you’re in a geographical location where people are going after what they want, and they actually believe that they can do it because the place is conductive of success (i.e., like pursuing farming as a career or hobby in a southern farming community), you can’t help but manifest more positive and life-giving energy. This is also why more great artists and creative people are from these areas, because creativity is an energy that is more frequently tapped into when people are aspiring to do what they truly want in life. Whether or not you can draw, sing, or paint is one thing, but following the path to your happiness (as discussed in “The True Key to Success and Happiness” series), opens you up to tapping into and receiving creative thoughts that can help lead you to your goals. Creativity isn’t always artistic; it can be business, scientific, verbal, or simply logical creativity. It can be simply coming up with good ideas about how to begin a business, or the most beneficial job to take if you were to get multiple job offers. It’s all about higher levels of thought being able to reach you, and they’re called higher thoughts because they can direct you to make choices that can help you find greater fulfillment for your life.

The more negative energy within a location or environment, the harder it is for creative energy to “circulate” and reach your mind. Of course, this doesn’t make it impossible for you to come up with breakthrough ideas, or achieve great physical or artistic feats from a location that’s less conductive of the energy of success. This explains why certain incredible artists can come from obscure locations and shock the world with their ideas and talent. Certain people do have more receptivity to positive life energies as a result of their past life karma, as discussed in “The True Key to Success and Happiness Part 9“. But for the rest of the world with less receptivity to the energies of creativity and success (every thought or circumstance has an energetic frequency and a feeling attached to it – In part II coming soon), it’s important to find a location or environment that is in harmony with your aura and ambitions.

But how do you go about finding the right places to live, that will help you feel your best and be the most beneficial for you? What do you mean by “every thought or circumstance has an energy and a feeling attached to it”?  

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