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Negative feelings are a natural reaction to encountering things or people in life that hold you back from what you want (obstacles), cause you problems, or that you don’t like. One of the biggest keys to neutralizing bad karma is in changing your REACTION to the negative feelings caused by negative stimuli. Your thoughts only contribute to your negative or positive karma if you’re free and connected enough for your thoughts to have any energetic power. Meaning, if you’re at the bottom or beginning stage of your karmic development, with little to no subconscious connection to the source like most of the world (as explained in Part 1 and 2), your thoughts will only affect your physical/mental health; but not your karma. It’s only through a connection to the universe’s source, that your thoughts can have any co-creative power, and thus create good or bad karma for yourself. How you react to negative situations, people, or places, can make or break the karmic experiences that often plague certain people’s lives. In some cases, you may have to learn how to let things go, or not to react violently to specific stimuli. If you continue to react negatively to negative situations, you continue the same cycle of karma until you can learn to react more positively. It may make no sense as to why certain things happen to you, but the key is to react with positive, rather than negative attitude. This is easier said than done right?

In my case, I feel like I’ve neutralized a great deal of negative karma, by the reactions I made to hostile kids and teachers that I encountered in various years of school. I went to a Jesuit High School in Detroit, MI for the first two and a half years of High School, where literally most of the students in my year (some in other years) had a problem with me. They would “talk trash” to me nearly every single day, and in almost every class for the entire two and a half years. They would say things directly to my face and behind my back, and some even stepped up to me to start a fight. As much as I wanted to beat up everyone in the school (or worse), I didn’t, and mainly walked away from the fights. I would occasionally say things back, but I honestly didn’t have the energy or the time to respond to every single person that kept insulting me or that wanted to fight. Even the teachers would ignore it and even blame me for the things these kids said; and they claimed that I acted weird, so I deserved it. On rare occasions they’d make cracks at me themselves, and agree with the students’ trash talk.

Although naturally, I was extremely angry with all of this, but I didn’t really show it, and I never once killed or seriously hurt any of those kids or teachers. Most of the time, I was even nice to these people that did me wrong; but back then I had no idea why I reacted like this, and why I couldn’t find it in myself to assault any of them. I just couldn’t get myself to fight, and I knew it wasn’t in my best interest to do so. After these two and a half years of hell, I managed to convince my parents to move me to a local public high school, which was a lot easier for me to deal with socially; but still bad. Ironically this same scenario happened to me in middle school and elementary as well, but reached its worse peak from my freshman to junior year of High School (and this is only the tip of the iceberg with all that I’ve dealt with). The way these teachers and students singled me out could only be a karmic legacy that I had to pay for, apparently because of the type of person I was in a past life. But I feel the way I reacted contributed to me eventually being able to transition to new circumstances away from these kinds of people that would do me wrong. If I reacted like a normal person would, I’d already be dead or locked up by age 12, which probably would’ve led me to have to deal with even worse kids and authority figures in juvenile detention. Like either dealing with parents that I hated at the time, or deal with replacement jail adults that would care nothing about me. This is what I mean.

It is often extremely difficult to react positively to negative surroundings, to become motivated when nobody is there to motivate you, or to be yourself when others don’t like or understand you; but It is the key to eliminating negative karma, and thus opening yourself up to receiving more positive energy that circulates this earth, and achieving the freedom to chase your dreams and happiness. You’ll then be able to emotionally connect with your aspirations, which leads you on your path to achieving the coveted power of co-creation.

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So how would you actually go about emotionally connecting with your goals? Is it possible to positively emotionally connect with a cause or action that’s essentially negative or even evil? What else can you do to eliminate confusion, apathy, and being un-motivated to try at life? What exactly is charisma, and how you can develop more of it? Are our words and actions energy?

To be continued: