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As many people are now aware of, during a midnight showing of the new movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” in an Aurora Colorado theater, a random gunman decides to open fire and kill 12 innocent people and injure 59 others. The suspected shooter has now been identified as 24-year old James Eagan Holmes, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine in Aurora.

James Holmes: The 24-year old shooting suspect in the Aurora, CO Dark Knight Rises Shooting.

The Dark Knight Rises was a much-anticipated movie of critical acclaim, but also a movie that seemed to cause its fans to be extremely defensive and angry with anyone’s review of it that wasn’t positive. It’s because of this extreme influence over its fans, that leads me to question why this movie, and this night may have been chosen to cause this kind of murder. Could it be possible that some sort of secret intelligence studied this very effect that The Dark Knight Rises has on its fans, and saw this as an opportunity to send someone to kill a group of people; and use its connections to the media to push it nationally and call for highly restrictive and unnecessary gun laws? Would it be possible that they approached this guy and propositioned him somehow, or did they use some sort of mind control technology/method to make him do it? Yes, it’s possible that James Holmes simply went crazy and did it for no reason, but I highly doubt it for the above and below reasons written.

As many people who get shot and killed everyday, and especially groups of people, how come this particular story is blown up as so important in the news? It’s because of this, that I wonder if the shooting at this Colorado cinema was planned for the purpose of changing gun laws to make it much harder for people to attain weapons. So if martial law was declared by the Government for any reason, many more people would be defenseless than usual. They probably figured that outraged citizens would be seeking to buy guns as protection during a probable time of martial law, and want to use this event as their “logic” for making the buying of these weapons next to impossible. What if this shooter knew what he was doing, and was told by the Government (or an organization linked to the CIA) to cause this shooting on the night of a BIG movie? Then when it happens, they use their connections to the media, to push it nationally, and use that as a way to try to push bogus gun laws? If anything, they need to only add metal detectors to cinemas. Making it harder to purchase weapons for the entire country, does not seem to be warranted for an isolated event at only one theater in Colorado. What also makes this suspicious, is how the murder and injury count keeps changing from news station to news station; with some claiming 12 died and 50 were injured, while others claim 15 died, and 71 people got shot? You’d think after the investigation, and the police and ambulance reports, that they’d have the correct number of people who were shot and killed in this unfortunate event. My heart goes out to all of the victims’ families for this tragedy. But I have my suspicions about why this happened out of the blue, and why it’s getting the attention that it’s getting.