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Words Copyright @ 2012 Brian A. Brown

Once you’ve reached a level in the physical world where your subconscious mind is able to become connected with the Universe’s energy (or God’s Will if you believe in God), there is a great technique that you can use to begin co-creating some of your experiences on earth. If you’re new to this and want more information on how to work your way towards a connection with the Source, please refer to the beginning of the “True Key To Success and Happiness Series”; because in most cases, physical effort will be necessary to place yourself in the position to give off and receive thought energy.

The technique is to clearly speak about what you want out loud while visualizing the desired outcome at the same time.  This works even better when you’re either half asleep or nearly about to doze off, or if you’re drowsy in general. This is because the closer you are to sleep status, the more in-tune you are with your subconscious mind. The less activity your conscious mind is doing, the easier it is to pass on information directly to the subconscious, which becomes more accessible in this state of sleep or drowsiness. Either way, the combination of audible speaking while visualizing the intended result, makes you feel stronger about what you’re thinking, which adds more of your emotional energy to the thought. Emotional energy is the fuel to the desired thought form, where the vehicle that transports the thought to the source is your subconscious mind. When you’re speaking what you want, you’re also literally creating sounds that mean something to you, and that didn’t exist before you spoke it. This is an indirect manifestation of what you want, and even though it didn’t happen in the physical world yet, you created sounds that are able to bring out an emotional response or a thought within you or someone else. These sounds literally “mean” what you want in your language. This is what makes speech more powerful than people give it credit for. Sound energy is energy that can be used to influence a person’s mind and emotions, thus giving it power to help or hinder the creative process.

You’re always influencing something, even if nobody is around. Any time you cause a change in the physical world, you’re manifesting something, whether it’s visible to the eye or not. You cause movement of air molecules when you speak, which is a change that you manifested, and that impacted that tiny piece of the physical world. No matter how small it is it’s seeable by the Universe, and recorded as either a step forward or backwards towards the fulfillment of your destiny. It’s our job to figure out which actions are needed to bring us to the point of the greatest connection with the Source. One clue that I can give you about the actions, are that it will almost always involve learning and growing experiences for you or someone else. These experiences could be positive or negative, but it will result in you or them learning about life and growing as a person. We’re all students in the class of life, no matter how old and wise someone is.

Although as always, there’s no guarantee that everyone will get “exactly” what they want, or that their life path won’t involve struggle, pain and hardship. This is because in a practical world, there are people who are needed for the more difficult jobs and work that are essential to the functioning of different societies. This includes manual labor, construction, cleaning, farming, etc. If everyone was a movie star or a business owner, how could things function? Or a person may need to mess up publicly, die, or get hurt to let the world know of our own mortality, or that we shouldn’t expect too much from people who are human just like us. The key is to shape our expectations realistically because of the world we live in, but also remain open and aware of the great possibilities that exist within every person’s potential. Greatness can exist in any line of work; it’s all about how good of a job you try to do.

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But would the above speech and visualization technique be more effective with another person listening to you? If so, why? 

To Be Continued.