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When you find an area with the most people trying to do what you WANT to do, or that have a high concentration of people that are chasing their dreams, then that place is where you need to be. The vibration that’s created by these people when they’re all chasing their dreams, creates an atmosphere of energy that nurtures creative energy and the pursuit of success. As discussed in part one as well as the “True Key to Success and Happiness,” everything, including ideas, are made of energy. Creativity itself is an energy that has its own frequency that most often finds people who are either more mentally receptive to this energy (being slightly more psychically sensitive than others), or who are taking action toward what they want in life. * Sometimes you will have to travel away from your place of birth to find your destiny, and more information on this will be supplied in Part three of this series. * Whether or not these people succeed at their ambitions is irrelevant. Not only is it their happiness brought about from pursuing their goals in a suitable environment, but it’s their belief that they CAN do what they set out to do that allows them to emanate positive energy that nurtures successful feelings (even if they’re not doing positive things to get there – Yes, shocking, but true). This collective energy then easily becomes strong enough to influence the overall vibration of the area. A negative action in the eyes of society can very well make the person doing it, feel positive, allowing them to emanate a type of positive energy that contributes to a city’s overall feel. I know this might sound very peculiar, but how many times have we seen people that we would consider mean or negative, actually feel good about how they act? Well I have… Anyway… Regardless of whether the goals that the people of an area are chasing are considered positive or negative (in the eyes of society), the atmosphere created from their energy would either be in harmony or disharmony with your own aura (making you feel more comfortable or uncomfortable while there). Yes, you can also get used to living in a certain place, but there are almost always other locations out there that will energize you much more.

For example, an area of low employment, many people with negative mindsets,  high crime, and that contains no places that match your personal career or life goals, gives off a negative vibration that would be opposite to the vibration of happiness and fulfillment. You obviously wouldn’t feel comfortable there because of the increased danger of such an area; but on an energetic level, if your thoughts and emotions aren’t attuned to the lower level of living of this type of area, you’re going to feel “uprooted” and uncomfortable on a deeper level than just fearing for your safety.

In addition, if your goals match up with the common goals of many of the citizens of a city or area, you will find that that location’s vibration will be more in harmony with your own vibration than a city or area where nobody is doing what you want to do. Keep in mind, however, that the goals that you’re chasing should truly be YOUR goals, and not conditioned goals for fame or in an occupation that you don’t really want to be involved in. If the desires you’re chasing are truly what you want, and you find an area where many people are chasing their own dreams (or chasing ones similar to yours), you will find that it’s usually easier to feel at your best in these places. Of course, you can discover your greatest ideas in a place of isolation away from people. But this is because of the inner peace brought about by “alone time” and isolation from the outside world. It is also a great way to open yourself up to creative energies finding your subconscious mind; which then moves to your conscious mind as “lightbulb” moments or bright ideas. Just remember, your best ideas may possibly be the most difficult for you to realize, and may take the most work, practice, or dedication to make them happen. Whenever you think of acting on an idea that you have, always keep in mind that anything that feels difficult is GOOD, and you should always feel good about putting in work to make these ideas a reality. Chances are, an idea or goal that’s too easy to achieve, is rarely something that would benefit you the most. Anything worth having is worth fighting or working hard for, and in many cases, that’s necessary. Your effort is usually proportionate to your outcome.

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